Three Reasons Why I Hate Streaming Services (at times!)

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Three Reasons Why I Hate Streaming Services (at times!)

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I watch a lot of creative programming, both online and the traditional TV way.   It is my way to relax and take it easy.   I am especially a huge fan of anything out-of-the-ordinary like science fiction, horror and fantasy.  I find these genres tend to stretch my mind more than forms of creative programming.  Although, I do watch dramas and comedies with my wife, I find true pleasure in the geeky stuff.

I especially love the on demand aspect of watching creative programming today.   In the past, if you missed a program, you were stuck until reruns came out in a couple of months.  We, then, had VCRS, DVRS, DVDS and a whole variety of alternatives to catch up on a show that you might have missed on broadcast television.   Steaming creative programming changed everything.  If you miss a show now, you can get online and find it somewhere.  If it is not there, you can get it on demand through your cable or satellite provider.  There is not an episode to miss.  In fact, I get quite upset when I can’t find a program”s episode. (BBC America, pay attention!).

At this point, you are probably wondering why I am then writing about three things I hate about streaming services.   Well, its’ because some aspects of it drives me crazy.   Different services provide different quality.  You have strong streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime.  You then have services that are fine like Hula.  You then have horrible services like TNT drama.  I have been catching up on Last Ship and Fallen Skies on this network this month, because I was on vacation when the new seasons began. (Both really good shows BTW).  I can’t believe how bad the streaming service is.  Here are three reasons why.

1.  Freezes often – I have not been able to watch an episode when it does not freeze up on me.  I find this to be true through my laptop and the mobile apps (I have an Iphone).  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be watching a show and then it just freezes.   The saddest part of it is that most of the time, it is the commercials that freeze up so there is no way to know for sure where you ended up in the narrative.   I have become quite an expert at finding exactly where I was with a program when it freezes.

2.  Too many of the same commercials, too often -, If you are service that has commercials, find a different way to earn your cash.   At least, if you do have to play commercials, try to do it with variety and less often.   I think I watch more commercials on TNT drama than I do the actual creative programming.  I read during the commercials and don’t even pay attention to them.  Hula, for awhile, allowed you to pick which type of commercial you wanted to be tortured with…at least that was tolerable.

3. Not easy to find the episode you want to watch – What do servicing services have in mind when they design their catalogs?  I find some of the streaming services really difficult to find a specific episode. TNT drama you have to click several times to find the list of available episodes.  Plus, they change the scheme so often, that I am learning a new way to find episodes all the time.   I understand the design challenges behind these catalogs, but let’s do some usability studies before releasing to the general public.   After all, as many commercials as you show, you must be making a small killing.

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