Introducing 40Geeks 4.0 – New Strategy, New Approach!

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Introducing 40Geeks 4.0 – New Strategy, New Approach!

On July 27, 2015, Posted by , In Misc, With Comments Off on Introducing 40Geeks 4.0 – New Strategy, New Approach!

Did you know that changing your mind is  sign a of intelligence?   I have heard this ever since the Clinton Administration.  I have no idea how accurate it is, but for the purpose of this blog post, first in almost a year, let’s say it is true!   With that in mind, I must be very intelligent, because for the fourth time, I have redone this website with a new purpose and new look.

I took away all the comparison product features.  I am sure you can still find them if you google them, but you won’t have active links here on the website any longer.  It was an interesting experience and made me appreciate online stores much more.  I learned quite a bit from the experience.   I also gave the site a more contemporary design.

40 Geeks is now truly my own personal website and vehicle to enlighten the world with my ideas through my blog Notes of a Binge Thinker.   I have not been contributing to the blog much in the last year due to me working on building up my real estate business.  I plan to rectify that starting with this post.   I believe I have reached the age where I have lived enough to know a thing or two about our world, at least tell you my opinions on matters concerning me, entertaining me and disgusting me.    I hope I will not offend anyone with my thoughts here, but if I do, please know it was never my intention.   I consider myself to have a high level of Emotional Intelligence and I try to approach everything with an open and critical mind.   Otherwise, I wouldn’t be as intelligent as changing my mind seems to indicate.

Finally, I am unleashing two services for real estate geeks (REGs) like myself.  I want to help REGs create a website for their business. I have been doing websites now for over twenty years (yikes!) and feel confident I can get anybody up and running on wordpress quickly and for very little money.   In addition, I plan to release an ebook in August on my website about how to sell your first home.  I am self-publishing the book myself and even designed it using Adobe Insight.  I have learned quite a bit about the process and want to help other REGs get their ideas down.  Ebooks are the new business cards for small businesses and consultants.  I want to help fellow REGs get it done quickly and within budget.

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