40 Geeks - Website Development for Real Estate Agents and Investors

Adam Wright is a real estate agent with NextHome Integrity Group in Fort Worth, Texas, and provides web development services to other real estate agents and real estate investors.  


Websites for Real Estate Agents and Investors!

Do you want a website like this one for your real estate business?   Adam Wright has been designing websites since 1995, when he started with HTML on Notepad on a Windows 95 computer.   Let him help you help your business by putting on a top-notch SEO website.  Check here for prices and to sign up!  

Real Estate websites that Adam is currently active with:

adamwright.realtor - Adam's real estate agent page.

Failed2sell.info - find out why your home did not sell. 

GET REALty- Adam's real estate blog

Sadies Yard - Website for home buyers who love dogs! 

S2N2 Properties - an example of work Adam has done for a real estate investor. 

Wordpress Rocks!

I have developed websites using many different platforms.  My platform of choice at the moment is Wordpress, because of its ease of implementation and maintenance.  With the ability to select a look and feel from thousands of plugins yet have a robust backend to support the website, Wordpress has revolutionized the way we do websites today.   It is easier than ever to have a web presence.  However, I provide my services to those real estate agents and real estate investors who do not have the desire to learn Wordpress.  Please take a look at my pricing chart to see the three levels of Wordpress services I provide to my customers.